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CSR commitments

Social responsibility is part of Natixis Asset Management’s history. Human values, solidarity and local involvement are deeply and historically ingrained in the culture of the BPCE Group. Moreover, as a leading player in its sector, Natixis Asset Management is very aware of its responsibilities and of the impact its business has on the world around it. Natixis Asset Management is concerned about its responsibilities as an investor, as an employer and as a business entity.

Our CSR policy is part of a true strategic vision carried at the highest levels of the company and by its employees. It is led by a dedicated committee and it has two main thrusts.

The first one, specific to our business, is  to develop and promote responsible  asset management. The second involves the organization itself, Natixis Asset Management, which strives to be a responsible company.

Our initiative is actively supported by the leadership through the CSR Committee, and by employees thanks to a participatory framework “Engagés”. Those two additional approaches  make the originality and the strength of our  CSR policy.  It also  reflects our  ambition to fully implement CSR in our business activities, as an asset  management company, an employer and a participant in civil society.

Please find the CSR report of Natixis Asset Management

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