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Environmental impact

Natixis Asset Management has a highly organized strategy to manage its business’ direct environmental footprint, with an approach based on concerted and complementary efforts:

  • environmental management of the building occupied by Natixis Asset Management by the Building Management division of Natixis’ Real Estate and Logistics department;

• implementation of this approach, managed on a day-to-day basis by Natixis Asset Management’s Facilities Management department;

  • efforts and awareness across the entire company as a result of innovative initiatives, organized by a group of volunteer staff involved in the “Engagés” program.

In 2016, following on from its efforts to cut back CO2 emissions, Natixis AM staff voted for a carbon compensation scheme. This policy is part of the company's aim to measure, reduce and manage its CO2 emissions and involves the financing of a development aid program in Tanzania  in partnership with EcoAct.

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