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Voting and engagement

Encouraging issuers to improve their ESG practices


As a shareholder, Natixis Asset Management undertakes to use its influence to the best of its abilities to encourage issuers to improve their environmental, social and governance practices (ESG). Natixis AM is particularly attentive to companies’ quality of governance and their strategic policies. These stringent criteria aim to create value in the long term via a responsible approach that complies with both environment and social criteria. Two primary levers are available for inducing positive change.

  • The exercise of shareholder voting rights at general meetings for all holdings and in accordance with our active policy, upholding the highest standards and incorporating social and environmental issues.
  • An engagement process that involves sustained dialogue with issuers. These exchanges take place:
    • either as part of an ongoing dialogue in the course of exercising its voting rights and its ESG research activities,
    • or as part of an intensive dialogue process that aims to achieve concrete progress on the part of issuers exposed to significant challenges or risks, within a predetermined time frame.

For the most part, Natixis Asset Management conducts focused actions via the engagement platform maintained by its subsidiary, Mirova, in order to pool the ESG dialogue efforts of investors with a shared a vision of responsible asset management, or via its participation in collaborative actions led by professional bodies.

In order to best work on ESG issues, Natixis AM constantly updates its list of engagements.

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