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Raphaël Gallardo

Investment & Client Solutions Strategist

Central banks: from zero to infinity

10.03.2016 - Raphaël Gallardo

Market analysis by Raphaël Gallardo, strategist of Investment and client solutions.

"After a chaotic start to the year, markets rallied sharply during February. Further impetus was provided as two of our three main investment themes for 2016 began to fall into place. Saudi Arabia is striving to find a diplomatic agreement with Russia to stabilize the oil price, while the Fed adopted a more measured tone regarding monetary tightening compared to the one promised at the end of last year. The situation in China nonetheless remains a perilous dilemma, as the local authorities have not yet decided between the two alternative means available to pull their economy out of the doldrums: devaluation or shutting down the economy."


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Raphael Gallardo graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris, civil engineering course.

Raphael Gallardo began his career as a financial Engineer at Paribas in 1997, before joining the Economic Research division of BNP Paribas in 1999 and the Asset Management in 2005. In 2007, he became a Chief Economist at Axa IM.

He joined Natixis Asset Management in 2013 as an Investment & Client Solutions Strategist.