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Emerging equities


Key areas of expertise

Emerise's range of strategies covers all emerging geographies and provides investors with a core exposure, yet with a difference: the conviction that small and mid-capitalizations and growing companies ultimately provide superior returns.

  • Asia ex Japan
  • Emerging Europe
  • Latin America
  • Global Emerging



Emerise believes in a stock-picking and conviction approach through:

- active long term bottom-up approach
- complementary nature of judgment and rules
- focused analytical proprietary research
- earnings growth ultimately drive stock returns
- strict and simple portfolio construction rules magnifying stock picking
- buy and sell discipline to mitigate behavioral biases


Investment process and organisation

It calls for the combination of the judgment of our research focused team, the guidance of our decision making tools and the discipline of our portfolio construction process. Such is our recipe for success in Emerging markets.

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(1) Source: Natixis Asset Management - 30/06/2017.

Emerise is the emerging equities investment division of Natixis Asset Management. Emerise is a brand of  Natixis Asset Management and Natixis Asset Management Asia Limited.