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Allocation Perspective

Metals and yield curve: the red and the black


- World growth close to 4%, but the slowdown in credit flows in the US/Europe/China, along with quantitative tightening from central banks, point to a turnaround in this trend in 2018.

- Weak dollar and yield curve steering moves by the Bank of Japan drive risk appetite via carry and put-writing strategies.

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Central banks: from doves to hawks?


- Strong and synchronized global growth, with still no marked acceleration in inflation.
- Tension on long-term rates following tightening rhetoric from several G10 central banks.

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OPEC strategy: checkmate?


- Confirmation of the first signs of a gradual slowdown in China and the US. Growth remains robust in Japan and the euro area.
- Trump’s economic agenda still at a standstill.

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Dear US equities …


- The Fed hikes rates while the US legislative apparatus is sinking in the quicksand
of the American Healthcare Act and lifting the debt ceiling.
- China confirms it has successfully cooled down its economy.
- We are growing closer to the period of political risks in Europe (France, Italy).

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Doctor Yellen and Mister Trump


Read market analysis by Raphaël Gallardo, Multi-asset strategist at Investment and Client Solutions investment division.

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