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Promoting gender parity

Gender parity: a 360° objective for a more efficient business


Natixis Asset Management resolutely puts skill and expertise at the heart of its human resources management program and is committed to ensuring that all male and female staff can reach their full potential within the company and right throughout their professional careers.

Natixis Asset Management drafted an action plan for 2016 aimed at ensuring gender equality within the company right across the various aspects of its HR management policies.

The Human Resources department at Natixis Asset Management is resolutely behind this goal, but the company also seeks to make gender diversity a daily priority for each and every staff member right across the company. A working group made up of around ten volunteer staff was therefore set up in 2011 and has been working alongside the company ever since to monitor and publish diversity indicators in-house, promote awareness among staff and encourage them to take fresh initiatives and drive this momentum.

This joint commitment from the company and its staff is also a source of innovation and clear progress for enhanced gender balance in the company. Meanwhile, this company-wide conviction and commitment to gender diversity also fits with Natixis’ wider diversity policy.

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