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Notice to shareholder

Natixis AM’s fourth CSR report focuses on carbon compensation


Natixis Asset Management has just published this year’s CSR report. 2016 will be remembered as the year when the full extent of Natixis Asset Management’s corporate social responsibility commitment was recognized, with a range of awards applauding the quality and transparency of our approach. The company won the Bronze award in the “Best CSR Innovation and Overall CSR Approach” category at the fourth French CSR Awards or Nuit de la RSE, and it achieved joint second position in the fifth edition of the 2017 Responsible Investor Awards for the quality of its CSR report last year.




The board of directors of the SICAV has decided to bring the following modifications to the prospectus of the SICAV.


NOTICE: NATIXIS EURO ABS IG MUTUAL FUND I (C) unit: FR0012100311; SI (C) unit: FR0010186726 R (C) unit: FR0013280716


Creation of a new R (C) unit and reduction of the minimum subscription for the I unit