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Actively committed to individuals with disabilities

Disability: a place for everybody’s talents


Natixis Asset Management is a responsible employer and is committed to making the company accessible to all, so that all staff can achieve their full potential. Natixis Asset Management’s disability policy is a result of concerted efforts and is based on five key areas:

The policy is implemented by the Human Resources department working in close cooperation with staff in the working group.

This ambition is also in line with the new agreement Natixis signed in November 2016 for the 2017-2019 period.


Involvement stretching beyond the office walls
Alongside these efforts, Natixis Asset Management was also involved in setting up HandiFormaFinance, a program for professional insertion and training for employees with disabilities and undergoing professional reconversion.

HandiFormaFinance was launched in 2011 with the backing of Agefiph, the French Fund Management Organization for the Professional Integration of People with Disabilities. It includes around ten companies in the finance sector and aims to facilitate access to financial sector jobs via a skills training program designed by asset management professionals. The fourth edition was launched in September 2016 and this year again new companies joined the initiative, further expanding the program.

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