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Commitment to excluding anti-personnel mines and cluster bombs

In accordance with the Ottawa Treaty and the Oslo Accords, both signed by France  and many other countries, Natixis AM excludes from all portfolios economic actors1 implicated in the use, production, storage, transport or distribution of Anti-Personnel Mines (AMP) and Cluster Munitions (CM).

This policy applies to Natixis AM’s own corporate financing activities, and to activities conducted on behalf of third parties where portfolios are directly managed by Natixis AM2. With support from an extra-financial agency specializing in arms and armament, Mirova’s Responsible Investment research teams regularly compiles an updated list comprising all companies, listed or unlisted, whose implication in the use, development, production, sale, distribution, storage or transport of AMP or CM is confirmed3. This list is then submitted to the Executive Committee.

1 Private issuers.
2 The moratorium on investing in companies associated with AMP and CM armaments applies to all funds for which Natixis is the asset management company, parent company, or proxy.
3 To learn more about this process, please refer to the Natixis Asset Management Exclusion Policy, available at