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Our exclusion policy

As part of its responsible management policy and based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, Natixis Asset Management has implemented a process that excludes from its investments equities and corporate bonds that fail to comply with certain requirements.
The analysis carried out by the research team of Mirova, a NAM subsidiary dedicated to responsible investment, is based on three sources of information:

- Severe conflicts with the United Nations' Global Compact principles identified by our ESG analysis partner;

- Cases investigated by the OECD’s national contact points for non-compliance with the OECD's guidelines for multinational enterprises;

- Companies subject to public exclusion by institutional investors on the basis of the above mentioned principles.

Companies identified by these three sources of information and for which NAM’s CIO considers, based on the analyses carried out, that the corrective measures or the potential for commitment would become insufficient, would be ineligible for investment.

Based on a recommendation from the "responsible investment" research team and a decision by NAM’s Executive Committee, all companies involved in the production or sale of cluster bombs or anti-personnel mines are also excluded from investments.