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European Equities

Key areas of expertise


  • Active fundamental management & value investment in European large cap stocks
  • European small & mid-cap stocks
  • Equities insurance management


The teams of the European equities investment division are convinced that there are inefficiencies between the market value of a company and its intrinsic value over several years and that these can be leveraged through an active management process.

It is precisely by determining the intrinsic value, as well as its catalysts and its completion horizon that our fund managers seek to create performance. A thorough analysis of the companies, their strategies and management teams is therefore critical.


Investment process and organisation

Bringing together highly experienced specialists, the European equities investment division is structured around management teams on a human scale that are both autonomous in their management processes and accountable for their performance. Beyond traditional fundamental analysis, the investment decisions of our fund managers are based on a deep understanding of the business models of the companies they follow, built through the regular exchanges and contacts maintained with the management teams of these companies over more than 20 years.

(1) Source: Natixis Asset Management - 30/06/2017.