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Investment & Client Solutions

Key areas of expertise


  • Liability and capital driven investment & global multi-asset class allocation
  • Management of employee benefits & employee savings plans
  • Strategic guidance & financial engineering solutions
  • Insurance management



Experts from the Investment and Client Solutions investment division are convinced that daily exchanges between financial engineers and asset management teams is the only way to develop tailored and innovative investment solutions.

Organised by type of client - bancassurers, pension and provident institutions, corporate investors -, our multidisciplinary teams include specialists in client relations, solutions engineers and allocation experts.
Backed by quantitative engineers, these teams help investors from the design of the investment solution to its operational implementation.


Investment process and organisation

The multidisciplinary organisation of the investment division enables it to design specific offerings depending on the client segment: liability and capital driven investment strategies for insurance companies, overall benchmarked or absolute return strategies for institutional investors and banking networks, employee savings plans or employee benefits management for large companies, or any other solution requiring a tailored analysis.

These offerings use the full range of existing asset management techniques, including benchmarked management, guaranteed capital, portfolio insurance, absolute return, liability driven investment strategies, etc.
The management of the portfolios is entrusted to global allocation experts, who analyse virtually all the investable markets and provide directional views for all asset classes and geographical areas.

The selection of strategies in the portfolio is supported by the broad range of expertise offered by other Natixis Asset Management's investment divisions or by Natixis Global Asset Management's US, Asian or European affiliates.

(1) Source: Natixis Asset Management - 30/06/2017.
And €42,09 bn in asset allocation in delegated management with other Natixis Asset Management investment divisions.