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Actively committed to individuals with disabilities

Disability: a place for everybody’s talents


Natixis Asset Management is actively committed to facilitating the professional integration of individuals with disabilities. This ambition is formalized by the third dedicated corporate agreement covering the years 2017 to 2019. Five areas of works are defined throuth this agreement and worn by the company and its employees :

  • Develop recruitment and integration of people  with disabilities
  • Facilitate the sustainable professional integration of people with disabilities
  • Work more closely in partnership with the protected worker sector
  • Inform and communicate on disabilities
  • Help employees facing disabilities in their family circle

A commitment that reaches beyond the company
Alongside these concrete moves, Natixis Asset Management also drove the impetus behind HandiFormaFinance, a program to promote professional integration via training dedicated to people with disabilities .

The HandiFormaFinance program was launched in 2011 and is backed by the Agefiph organization, as around ten companies in the Finance sector work together to promote access to their businesses via training programs, designed and adapted by asset management and equities management professionals.

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